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Jimmy Page Lead Guitarist
As it stands his career has lasted four decades. Here is how it began. He is best known for Les Pauls double-neck guitars and also using a bow. Elvis Presley inspired him with "Baby, Lets Play House." In the 60's he played with many groups. They include Carter Lewis & The Southerners and Neil Christians & The Crusaders. His first number one was in 1963 with "Diamonds" by Jet Harris & Tony Meehan, with him playing guitar. Who would have thought that on January 9,1944 when he was born that he would have been so sucessful. In his early days before Led Zeppelin he was known as one of the hottest session guitarist. Early on he was asked to join the Yardbirds yet he turned it down, but then changed his mind. When he created Led Zeppelin in 1968 he was fully able to express himself without conflict. He has made others want to follow in his footsteps and they all seem to look up to him.

Robert Plant Singer
It seems strange that Plant's intrest in music began when he was only fifteen, when he snuck into a night club. The artist that caught his eyes the most was Americas Blues Artists. The other people who caught his intrest was people like Elvis. He was a singer in many diffrent bands, some of them are Listen and Hobbstweedle. In 1967 he released a few singles done solo on CBS. In 1968 after a session with Alexis Korner, Plant was asked to join Led Zeppelin. His style changed through the years. When he was born on Auqust 20, 1948 no one knew he would become the best rock vocalist and front man for a group. He should be proud! People have tried to immitate him but he can never be duplicated. He is a one of a kind.

John Paul Jones Bass & Keyboard
Jones truly seems to be the most underrated musician of the group. Before Led Zeppelin he was a session artist. Jones played many roles in the studio. Some of the things he played was bass and Keyboard. He also did a little arranging and musical directing too. Jones had worked with Page before Zeppelin on some Yard bird songs. He was the first one asked by Page to become a member of Zeppelin. Jones was passed over on the reunion tour of Page & Plant, seems like he got the cold shoulder from them. He finally relased his own solo album in September 1999 called Zooma. It has recived great reviews. Jones was one of people who kept Zeppelin changing with the times and expirimenting with new things. Zeppelin would have been just a regular group without the chemistry of the four members.

John Bonham Drummer
Bonzo, one of the best drummers in the world. His style was legendary. The band's live performances showed his true abilty. He always made the skill of being a drummer look easy, thats why everyone tried to be like him. He was named after his father and grandfather. In his time here on earth he inspired many people like his son Jason and daughter Zoe. When he was born on May 31, 1948. His life got off to a bad start when his heart stopped. It was a very sad day on September 25, 1980 when he died. Led zeppelin could no longer exist. It seems hard to belive that he almost turned down being a member of Led Zeppelin the thing that broght him his fame.